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The Computer Ministry operates solely on the generosity and contributions of individuals, churches and organizations.
There are many ways to help us.
All donations are tax deductible.

1. Volunteers

The Computer Ministry could use your help. We need receiving, stocking, and shipping labor as well as data entry of computer info into the database.

RECEIVING: When PCs arrive, they must be entered into the system by Manufacturer, model, and serial number. All this information is on the PC itself. It is then moved to be processed and the intake processing is done.

STOCKING: Monitors and printers must be tested and stored. This is quickly accomplished by portable test equipment ready for the novice. Good are packed, bad are marked for recycling. Cables, mice, and keyboards must be sorted and placed into bins. When large shipping orders are received, these workers assist with shipping.

SHIPPING: Package, inventory, PCs, mouse, keyboards, power cords and monitors and stage for pickup by individual, church or shipping Company for offshore requests. Enter PC serial numbers into shipping data and print Packing Slip for Customs.

ADMINISTRATION: There are several administrative tasks that can be done by someone with strong communitcation and organization skills. Donations and requests come in all the time and the phone never seems to stop ringing. Advertising and PR assistance would be welcome.

The above jobs do not required one to be a computer technician or guru. It is time consuming for the technicians to perform these tasks in addition to rebuilding the hardware. If you can help on a Mon, Wed, or Fri, between the hours of 9:00 am and 4:00 pm, stop by Computer Ministry and talk with someone. We can surely find jobs you can do and become a part of this ever growing ministry.

2. Equipment Donations

We accept donations in any amount of computers or peripheral equipment in good working condition. We take individual systems all the way up to a truckload.

3. Ministry Needs

Here is list of things the ministry could use to accomplish our work:

- Shrink wrap machine for pallets
- Hand Pallet jacks
- Pallets/Skids (full size)
- Cardboard Gaylords
- Shrink Wrap
- Packing Tape

4. Monetary Gifts
Perhaps you don't have any equipment to donate or are just too busy to help out in person. Helping the ministry financially lifts the burden of having to pay for the necessities of being in operation. All contributions of any size are greatly appreciated and are designated strictly for the ministry operation.  Contributions can be sent to:  Mission Central  5 Pleasant View Drive Mechanicsburg, PA 17050

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