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 The Computer Ministry operates with the help of volunteers. 

     We are always looking for volunteers that would like to donate their time to The Computer Ministry.

 Thank you volunteers for all your hard work.


Board of Directors

Mr Ernie Corty     Interim Executive Director CMI
Mr Bob Shreiner   Consulting in Retirement
Mrs. Hope Harrison   Executive Director,Mission Central
Mr.Matthew A. McKnight, Esq   Legal Counsel


Elected Members

Mr.Shawn Kincaid   President
Mr. Chris Armstrong   Vice President
Mr.Dave Kline   Secretary
Mr.Roger Parks   Treasurer
Mr Ken Humphrey   Assistant Treasurer
Mr.Tom Marshall   Member
Mr. Kevin Durann   Member
Mr.Ned Kerstetter   Member
 Mr. Rob Ebbets   Member




Meet Our Staff

Mr Ernie Corty     Interim Executive Director
Mr Bob Shreiner   Consulting in Retirement
Mr. Dale Ream   Quality Assurance
Mr.Tom Marshall   Lead Technician / Processing Coordinator

...and Regular Volunteers

Hal Amos   Ken Lynn
Roger Parks   Albert Owzar
Roman Ballock   Dave Weaver
Doug Bennett   Vicki Poole
Ernie Corty   Sandy Ressler
George Enney   Isaiah Shover
Bob Gehman   Charlie Smith
Ed Hankins   Dave Tomasetti
Ken Humphrey   Paul Vanderlippe
Eric King  



Volunteering your time and/or expertise at the Computer Ministry


     Volunteers are never taken for granted, but always appreciated. Volunteer work at the Computer Ministry  is real work, with real responsibilities, real opportunities and real rewards.  It's a chance to  build technology skills, and also people skills with other volunteers.


     If you have empty time, free time or just want something to do, please think about being a volunteer at  the Computer Ministry.   Are you retired and need something to do,  this might just be what you are looking for to put your talents to work.  For others, it is a  great chance to gain some hands-on experience, and volunteer work looks good on a resume.


    We have jobs for everyone, no matter what you age or skill level.  If you can volunteer some of your time, we would appreciate the help.  You decide how much time you are willing to offer as a volunteer.


We need people for the following:

  - Persons to accept computer donations at our warehouse loading dock.

 -  We could always use persons who have computer skills to test donated equipment

 - If your school, church, civic group or organization needs a  project, think about volunteering

 - We do need people who can lift items weighing less than 30 lbs to help assemble shipments.

 - This is a large warehouse with concrete floors, so persons with warehouse skills are needed.

Not sure if your skills would be useful,

contact 717-766-6373 and speak with Ernie Corty.

Computer Ministry
5 Pleasant View Drive
Mechanicsburg, Pa 17050



Mechanicsburg Office Hours

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