The Computer Ministry collects computers, refurbishes them and then donates the equipment to non-profit ministries, organizations and individuals that need computers.
 Do you or your organization have a need for refurbished computer equipment? Scroll down to begin your request!
 Computer Ministry is a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher. Computers are cleaned, wiped, and refurbished for distribution to organizations or individuals  who can not afford to purchase new ones. Computers are available for requested donation of $10.00 for each computer to cover the cost of licensing.
 Anyone requesting equipment is responsible for pickup. All materials must be picked up at our Computer Ministry location in Mechanicsburg, Pa. We do not ship requested equipment.  Payment can be in cash, check or money order payable to at time of pickup.  Checks or money orders must be made payable to "COMPUTER MINISTRY".


  • You will need to provide us with information about your need. Requests for computers or equipment are not automatically approved!

  • If you are an individual , you must have a sponsor to obtain computer equipment.  Sponsors must have a valid Federal EIN number.  You must enter the EIN number of the sponsor in the "Sponsor's Federal Employer Indentification Number" field.  This is a required field for us to process your request.  Without an valid EIN number, we will be unable to process your request.
  •  Whether you are a Sponsor or an individual, you must complete the Reason For Request field.
  •  A valid phone number for the Requesting Person will also be required so that we can verify the need.  Your email address must also be valid.
  •  You will be contacted via telephone when your request is approved.  To assure that your request is ready to pickup, please wait for a phone call from the Computer Ministry.
  • All computer systems must be picked up at the Computer Ministry. We do not ship computers from the Computer Ministry.
  •  After you have been notified that your request is ready to pickup, your requested Computer equipment will be held for 30 days.
  •  If you fail to pick up your requested computer equipment within 30 days, your request will be cancelled and the computer equipment will be returned to stock.
  •  Contact Us to ask questions about requesting equipment or provide comment about this website.
  •  Please limit your computer requests so that others may benefit from our services.  The Computer Ministry reserves the right to limit the number of computers ordered, if it appears that computer requests are being abused.



Donations will be accepted during the Mission Central
regular hours of operation
 Visit Mission Central's web page for their hours of operations

9 am - 3 pm
9 am - 3 pm
9 am - 3 pm

Call: 717-766-6373


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Computer Ministry, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher whose purpose is to offer the benefits of technology to other non-profit organization locally, nationally, and internationally.
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